NEW RELEASE: Bending All The Rules

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Breccan Laughry is the Sexiest Man Alive, twice, according to People Magazine and most of the female population. He’s the hottest actor in Hollywood, filthy rich, and can have any woman he wants. And frequently does. Sometimes twice.

But Breccan Laughry also has his dark side, secrets, and rules that must be followed.

When Cora Monroe’s big brother offers her a job as Breccan’s new assistant, she’s hesitant about taking the job, but her bank account at an all time low, she accepts, determined to make it work no matter what he throws at her.

Cora just might be the exception that has him Bending All the Rules.



The second book in the Fallen Idols series is live!



Axel Cook needs to pay for his sins. Ninety days in prison as a matter of fact for protecting his neighborhood and his Club from their rivals, the Las Almas MC.

Paige Morrison hates motorcycles and the gangs associated with them. It’s those thugs that keep hurting her best friend, Gina. She just wants to do her job as a nurse at the prison until her tuition debt is paid off and move on with her life.

But when the two meet and sparks fly, can Paige resist Axel’s pull? And can Axel convince her that he’s worth the risk?

Forbidden (Fallen Idols #1) is LIVE!


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Trista Monroe is badass. She is the only female member to ever wear the cut of the Fallen Idols Motorcycle Club. She’s nobody’s old lady and she likes it that way.

Blaze Taylor hardly remembers the club, but his old man died trying to protect it. He wants to honor his father, but being a prospect isn’t easy. Especially when the president’s daughter is sexy, feisty and totally off limits.

Forbidden love is the ultimate battle, one that these two Fallen Idols might just die for.